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Peoria City/County Joint Commission on Racial Justice and Equity - Application to Join Commission

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  4. The Racial Justice and Equity (RJE) Commission serves as the steering body for the overall RJE initiative. This commission guides the work, oversees the committees, collects and analyzes information, explores strategies, develops resources, and communicates progress via periodic reports to the Peoria City Council and Peoria County Board.
  5. Under the commission, there are multiple committees on which to serve. These committees are committed to working on action issues within our community with a racial justice and equity lens.
  6. Can you commit to monthly meetings, at least two hours per month?*
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  8. As a member of the Commission, you will be expected to participate in specific racial justice and equity training, small group facilitator training, and open meetings act training. Are you willing to participate in this training?*
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