Insure Your Property for Your Flood Hazard

The County participates in the Community Rating System Program (CRS) which reduces flood insurance policy rates for all unincorporated County residents through proper floodplain management programs.  Flood insurance is available to homeowners, renters, and business owners inside or outside the SFHA.  Contents coverage is available.

Ask your insurance provider about discounted flood insurance rates from Peoria County's participation in the CRS program.

The cost of the policy will vary depending on the amount of coverage and the degree of the flood hazard.  The purchase of flood insurance is mandatory for buildings located in a SFHA in order to receive any form of federal or federally related financial assistance. This requirement affects loans and grants for the purchase, construction, repair, or improvement of any publicly or privately owned buildings in the SFHA.  If a building is located in a SFHA, the agency or lender is required by law to require the recipient to purchase a flood insurance policy on the building.

Don't wait for the next flood to buy insurance protection. In most cases, there is a 30-day waiting period before National Flood Insurance Program coverage takes effect.

You can learn about obtaining flood insurance at the NFIP homepage or contact your local insurance agent.