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Peoria County Animal Protection Services

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Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS) serves every municipality within Peoria County and the unincorporated areas. Our office is responsible for enforcing animal control ordinances, maintaining rabies registration records, operating an open admission shelter and offering quality pets for adoption. PCAPS Animal Control Officers respond to over 15,000 calls for service such as stray dogs, injured wildlife, animal cruelty, and nuisance animals. In any given year, PCAPS takes in over 4,000 domestic and wild animals. While many dogs and cats come to the shelter as strays, nearly 30% are brought to PCAPS by owners who could no longer keep their pets.

Investigation & Enforcement:
• Enforces animal control ordinances of the City and County of Peoria. PCAPS took over the duties formerly undertaken by the City of Peoria's PAWS department in 2010. 
• Investigates reports of cruelty and neglect.
• Rescues sick, abandon, or stray animals.
• Rescues injured or orphaned wildlife.
• Responds to complaints of animals creating a nuisance.
• Issues multiple pet owner licenses.

Animal Sheltering & Adoption:
• Operates a shelter for the care of unwanted or stray animals.
• Houses over 4,000 animals who would otherwise have no place to go.
• Reunites lost pets with their owners.
• Responds with shelter/care for animals in times of disaster.
• Offers quality pets for adoption.

Rabies Control:
• Maintains rabies registration records for domestic dogs/cats.
• Issue rabies registration tags.
• Investigates animal bites to humans.
• Provides public education on animal care, protection, and safety.

• Works jointly with the Peoria Humane Society concerning animal-related issues in the community.
• Partners with licensed wildlife rehabilitators for the transfer of wild animals requiring rehabilitation.
• Partners with animal shelters/rescues nationwide for the transfer of domestic animals requiring rehabilitation. 
• Partners with the Peoria County Veterinary Medical Association for spay/neuter programs and animal medical care.
• Partners with Peoria Police Department and Peoria County Sheriff’s Office to assist in animal-related issues in the community.

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Our goal is to find the best possible outcome for every animal that comes to our door. In many cases this is adoption, returning the animal to its owner, or transfer to another agency. On occasion, if an animal is suffering or is too aggressive to be placed back into the community, it may be euthanized. We work with many partner organizations to help ensure that every animal is given the best opportunity for a good outcome following their stay at PCAPS.


PCAPS is located on north east Perry Avenue, two blocks north of Woodruff High School behind Glen Oak Park. For specific directions, please call PCAPS at 309-672-2440.  

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