Peoria County Memorials and Monuments

Peoria County is honored to have multiple memorials and monuments saluting our veterans, law enforcement, and historical places. We thank all the residents and elected officials who have worked to research, restore, fundraise, plan, and build these various monuments over the years. 

We are currently working to update these pages with more information on our memorials. If you have more information you would like considered for inclusion, please email

Peoria County has been working on documenting historical markings throughout the County.
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Ongoing Maintenance Fund and Engraved Pavers

Peoria County continues to accept donations for the ongoing maintenance of the war memorials located in the Courthouse Plaza. Specifically, interested individuals looking to honor a veteran in their lives may purchase an inscription in a brick paver, which are located around both the World War I & II Veterans Memorial and A Final Salute memorial. The veteran does not have to be a resident of Peoria County, and alternatively, you may wish to purchase a paver to thank a group or all veterans. 

You can download the form below, or contact the Peoria County Clerk's Office, located inside the Peoria County Courthouse, at (309) 672-6059 or email if you have any questions.

Engraved Paver Form

The Internal Revenue Service considers the County of Peoria to be a qualified charitable organization under IRS Code Section: 170 (c) (1). Therefore, we understand that this is a charitable contribution for which you receive no direct benefit. However, you are advised to consult your tax professional for questions and tax deductibility.